Random Number Generator is a free online random number generation tool that can be used for online random sorting, lottery shaking, random extraction, random passwords and more. You can customize the parameters according to your needs, including the range of random number generation, generating multiple random numbers, For the generated multiple random numbers are unique, etc.

Random number generator settings

1. "Minimum number" and "Maximum number" can limit the range of numbers in the random result, for example, if you need to generate integers less than 10, you can fill in 0 to 10 respectively; if you need to generate 3-digit numbers, you need to fill "100" in "Minimum number" and "999" in "Maximum number".

2. "Number" is the number of random numbers generated at one time, if you need to generate 5 random numbers at the same time, you can enter "5" here.

3. "Allow duplicates?" is to allow or prevent the same number from appearing multiple times in the random number result. This setting is only valid when the "number" is greater than "1".

How does the random number generator work?

This system can generate random numbers directly by click the "Generate" once; it can also start to generate random numbers by click the "START" below, then terminating or generating random numbers by click the "STOP" , which can also be control by the space bar on your keyboard.

This system also supports full screen function, click the full screen button on the right side to enter full screen mode, or you can directly press "F11" on the keyboard.

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